Meet our Orange Belt Sponsors: SiteGround



SiteGround, celebrates its 10th year in business in 2014, providing WordPress hosting that does not miss a thing! Their servers, available in 3 different data centers across the world, are optimized for ultimate WordPress speed and security and they provide many goodies for the WordPress fans – automatic updates for the core WordPress and its plugins, WordPress SuperCacher for ultimate speed acceleration, staging tool and GIT integration for the coders and unique WordPress auto installer for the starting users – all crafted in-house by the SiteGround team. And still they do not forget the importance of the good old standard hosting features like the domain name registration, the email service, control panel and the reasonable pricing. They also have a support team that is not only available 24/7 by phone, chat and ticketing, but consists of WordPress enthusiasts who will help you with specific WordPress issues.

SiteGround has been actively involved with the community speaking, supporting and attending various WordPress conferences around the world and by sponsoring WooCommerce Conference they want to further contribute to the amazing WordPress community.

Meet Orange Belt Sponsors: Capital Numbers


Capital Numbers are based in India and provide White Label Web Design and Development, Mobile Apps and Digital Marketing Services. They’re an ISO 9001 Certified, D&B Registered and a Certified Google Partner, which basically means they have the big thumbs up from the internet.

Their clients include start-ups, digital agencies and software teams (that prefer to keep their in-house team small) and generally folks who need to outsource any overflow work.

With their services you’re able to hire dedicated remote specialists on a monthly rolling contract, who work exclusively for you for 8 hours a day (Monday to Friday) and for all intents and purposes function as your extended team (but in India, you’ve probably got that by now).

Their services include:

  • Web Developers (PHP, / RoR / .NET)
  • Designers ( Web / Graphic / Print)
  • CMS (WordPress / Drupal / Joomla / Magento)
  • Mobile App Developers (iOS / Android)
  • SEO and PPC Specialists

Using Capital Numbers, you’ll be able to communicate on Skye or G+ Hangouts as you like it, pay monthly and feel the joy of no hidden costs. Plus the pricing is affordable at $1100 to $1800 per month (for 160 hours). Capital Numbers’ team of 200+ professionals are serving some prominent clients like Harvard University, Thomson Rueters, Condé Nast, Matches Fashion, Doosan, My Pay Network and Ordina. And perhaps you?

Thanks for sponsoring WooConf, guys.

Meet our Orange Belt Sponsors: 2Checkout


We’re excited about our new partnership with 2Checkout and its growing potential in the ecommerce space. So we’re delighted to have them on board as Orange Belt Sponsors for our conference this year. You guys. What can we say.

Both WooThemes and 2Checkout serve online businesses in hundreds of countries all over the world. Our merchants have enjoyed the the most powerful interfaces on the internet and can now use these tools with 2Checkout to accept new local currencies and eight different payment methods! That’s good news.

This combination of design and payments technology generates higher conversion rates than other standalone payment options. Because 2Checkout is a hosted solution, there are no PCI compliancy issues for the user and they verify more than 300 items on each transaction that is processed.

These legends are running a special for new WooThemes users who sign up in the form of credit for the WooThemes Plugin. If you’re a WooThemes merchant, sign up and activate with 2Checkout before November 30th and we’ll credit $79 toward processing fees on your December statement.

If you’re interested or have any questions, please check out the details here. And, if you’re attending #WooConf be sure to say hi to these friends fellows.

Meet our Brown Belt Sponsors: Simplify Commerce by Mastercard


When you’re a leader in the payments industry like MasterCard, you get the chance to talk to a lot of businesses about payments. We found that a lot of businesses were looking for an easy, secure way to grow their business online, so we created Simplify Commerce.

Praised as the “e-commerce for dummies” payment solution by WooCommerce merchant, Shop NØMAD, Simplify Commerce has been expanding its small business reach and is super excited about its expanded partnership with WooCommerce. Simplify Commerce, an online payment solution by MasterCard, was created to make it simple, fast and easy for businesses to accept payments online, via mobile and through social for all major brands.

So why does Shop NØMAD call them “e-commerce for dummies”? Because Simplify Commerce totally gets that a small business can be strapped for time, resources and funds and needs a product aimed to soothe these pain points. Simplify Commerce is part of the new WooCommerce 2.2 core and features a competitive rate with quick, ‘2 business day’ funding, timesavers such as eInvoicing, integrated pre-orders, bookings and subscriptions, and Level 1 PCI certified security to keep card data safe for you and your customers.

Simplify Commerce wants to help small businesses succeed. It’s offering free processing for your first $10,000 in transactions. Using Simplify is easy and straightforward. Just sign up to be a Simplify merchant using the link, enable Simplify Commerce in WooCommerce 2.2, and start transacting today. Simplify’s also announced a private beta for merchants in Ireland , so get ready to Simplify there!

A word from our MC’s.



Ladies & gentlemen of the internet,

Hello. How are you? We are good, thanks for asking. You’re looking fantastic, by the way – have you lost weight?

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues, an internet-based comedy duo from South Africa. You may have seen our comedy videos featured on sites such as Mashable, Huffington Post, Funny Or Die, CollegeHumor and more…or perhaps you haven’t. Those are your two options, I guess.

The two of us have also won the “Most Handsome Comedians In South Africa” award at the totally-not-made-up South African Handsome Comedy Awards three years running (please don’t Google it). Back in South Africa, we’re more popular than free wifi (again, don’t Google that. Just trust us on this).

It is our absolute pleasure & honour (yes America, with a “u” in it) to be your MCs at the first-ever WooCommerce Conference in the city by the bay, the home of Full House: San Francisco! We can’t wait to ride a tram, gaze in wonder at the Golden Gate Bridge and listen to Uncle Jesse’s band practise in the basement – it’s going to be epic!

We look forward to introducing you to some amazing speakers & collecting as many high-fives as we can over the two days of #WooConf at the 969 Market. In the meantime, why not watch all of our videos in an endless loop over at as you make tweaks to your online store – #WooConf is just around the corner!

See you soon.

Nic & Gareth
Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues

Meet our Brown Belt Sponsors: WP Engine


We’re hugely privileged to have one of the top WordPress hosting companies sponsoring #woooconf at the Brown Belt level. When it comes to WordPress hosting  you can count on WPEngine for fast, reliable and secure hosting, trusted by tens of thousands of websites. Businesses large and small rely on WP Engine’s exceptional customer service team specializing in quickly solving technical problems, and creating a world-class customer experience.

Here is a note from WP Engine:

At WPEngine, we’re dedicated to providing the best WordPress experience possible.  Given the sheer number of people using WooCommerce, a popular eCommerce platform for WordPress, we would be doing our customers a disservice if we didn’t give it the same treatment.  We’ve been hard at work to ensure that our WooCommerce customers get the same great performance and reliability they’ve come to expect with us.

Our EverCache infrastructure is well-known for its blazing fast performance, but eCommerce sites depend on being able to deliver dynamic content tailored to their individual customers.  With WPEngine and WooCommerce, you don’t need to worry about how to strike the right balance between performance and function.  Our platform automatically detects when you have WooCommerce installed and sets up custom rules to serve the right content to your customers while still delivering the speed we’re known for.

We also have dedicated points of contact, both on our end and at WooCommerce.  We’re constantly working to build a better platform for WooCommerce and they’re picking our brains to help develop products that work great here at WPEngine.

Our strong partnership with WooCommerce allows us to provide the best WordPress platform for high-traffic eCommerce sites.

For more information, visit

Meet Our Black Belt Sponsors: Pay with Amazon


“Our vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

Amazon’s unwavering commitment to this mission and the daily execution thereof makes for millions of satisfied customers the world over. The group’s payment platform, Pay with Amazon, which was launched in 2007, provides a simple means to make online payments, and has served to further entrench the company as a true e-commerce pioneer.

Pay with Amazon joined us as a partner a year ago, and since then the product has continued to thrive. Not only are customers consistently impressed by the ease of use of the payment gateway, but the integration has also proved to be a tremendous success.

We are hugely excited by our collaboration with Amazon Payments and are delighted to have them on board as one of our premier conference sponsors.

Meet Our Black Belt Sponsors: PayPal



PayPal puts people at the center of everything they do. Founded in 1998, they continue to be at the forefront of the digital payments revolution, giving people control over their money. PayPal is all about continuous innovation and making life better for the 152 million active registered accounts by helping people and businesses receive and make payments in more than 26 currencies in 203 markets.  We couldn’t be more excited to have PayPal on board as a Black Belt sponsor and in attendance at the inaugural WooCommerce Conference. PayPal has been a crucial colloborator to the WooCommerce platform and is the most popular payments service to thousands of global WooCommerce users. It has been our pleasure to form a working relationship with various PayPal offices. To date we work closely with PayPal North America, PayPal Europe, PayPal South Pacific and Africa.

Venue Scouting – 969 Market

WooCommerce Conference 2014 - San Francisco
WooCommerce Conference 2014 – San Francisco

Last month I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco to check out the brand new venue built just for WooConf – 969 Market! Okay, the venue wasn’t built specifically for WooConf but as soon as I saw it I thought it might as well have. We couldn’t be more excited for the new facility, the size and location seem to be perfect for our inaugural event.

They were still wrapping up construction while I was there but we wanted to give you a sneak peak at the progress. They will be hosting a handful of events before WooConf this November so they will have plenty of time to break the space in for us.

Main Floor - Where day 1 talks and sponsor lounge will be held.
Main Floor – Where day 1 talks and sponsor lounge will be held.

Day 1 will be a mix of 15 minute lightning talks and 40 minute presentations and includes lunch and an after party, while day 2 will feature two separate tracks for workshops, one with a developer focus and the other a bit more basic featuring WooCommerce shop setup and best practices for setting up shop.

Second Floor - Where you will find the Ninja Help Desk (live real Ninja support!) Lunch on day 1 and workshops on day 2!
Second Floor – Where you will find the Ninja Help Desk (live real Ninja support!) Lunch on day 1 and workshops on day 2!


We are very excited to announce that WooConf will also feature a real-live Ninja Help Desk sponsored by our wonderful friends at SkyVerge and Prospress. The Help Desk will have Ninjas on hand ready to help answer any questions that you might have with your WooCommerce site.

Now that we’ve shared our excitement about the venue with you, let us know in the comments below what are you most looking forward to this year at WooCommerce Conference 2014?!

Not Just Another WordCamp

I love WordCamps. Love, love, love, love them. I’ve been to five WordCamps this year and I plan on attending WordCamp San Francisco the week before our conference. You get to meet your local community, you get to attend interesting presentations, and you get to have a little party at the end. All in all, pretty great.

While I love WordCamps they don’t cover many aspects around e-commerce. You could have an entire 5-track conference dedicated to just WordPress + e-commerce and still not have enough time to discuss everything. We could have just kept on waiting for a conference for this or we could do what we ended up doing which is hosting our own conference. While this event is inspired partly by WordCamps we wanted to take it a step further. We wanted to bring the top experts from around the world and from related industries, not necessarily just WordPress, so you can get a mix that you wouldn’t normally get at a WordCamp.

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