Meet the speakers: Thijs, Robert, Rahul

Today we bring you the low down on the next three WooCommerce Conference speakers from Yoast, Graphflow and MasterCard Payments. They’ll be sharing after our very delicious lunch, be sure to have a coffee to keep the brain juices firing! Boom.

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Thijs de Valk | Data is your friend; Psychology your mentor


“During this talk I will highlight my personal favorites of the Google Analytics datasets and how to find them. There are potential gold mines in there; you just have to get to know them. In this way, that data is your friend. The more you get to know data, the more you’ll understand it, be annoyed by it, love it, hate it. The data will tell you something’s (horribly) wrong, but only if you ask for it. With each dataset I highlight, I will show you the common mistakes we see at Yoast and what kind of data that would lead to. Using my knowledge in psychology I’ll explain how to prevent or (partially) solve these issues and why and how these “”solutions”” will work. Psychology will bring you understanding of your potential customers. It will guide you out of, or away from, the woods, as would a mentor.”

Thijs de Valk is a behavioral scientist, using his knowledge in psychology to form a broader understanding of user experience and conversion. Conversion rate optimization and online marketing, combined with the wealth of data you can collect using today’s tools, are his ideal way to substantiate the theories of psychological processes. Thijs started working at Yoast in December 2012 and has since been doing website reviews, conversion reviews, support and A/B testing on This has taught him a lot about how people behave online and how theories of psychological processes apply online.

Robert Elliott | Matching People & Products

ebf80ba78c29b8607615ca1eff9aa563It turns out that all the information needed to put the right product in front of the right person at the right time is hidden in the millions of daily interactions between customers and products. We’ll explore how our shopping experience has evolved and how, through intelligent recommendations, we can ensure that customers are presented with an engaging and relevant experience.”

Robert is co-founder of Graphflow, a machine learning start-up, that uncovers patterns in consumer behaviour to match people and products. He has over 10 years experience designing and delivering software products and finds his passion at the confluence of design and data. He obsess over usability and simplicity, and is at home in Africa.

Rahul Deshpande Getting Paid Safely

rahul“Ninety percent of Americans will shop online this year, but only 28% of businesses are prepared to accept a payment. Businesses cite security and risk as two reasons that keep them from accepting online payments. They shouldn’t. Learn how to provide a secure experience for your customers and your business. Hear best practices for managing risk from an expert in the payments industry.”

Rahul is a professional in the payment industry, conversant with different networks, fee structures, security implications and PCI compliance. He currently works with MasterCard Labs, the R&D arm of MasterCard Worldwide, focusing on how to make payment channels secure but simple to use. Before MasterCard, he worked on creating low latency interface architecture for mobile applications. In his free time, he works on autonomous R/C modelling and finding uses for Raspberry Pi.

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