Meet The Speakers: Mark, Brennan, Cyndie

If you’re making the trip to WooCommerce Conference (or on the fence) you’re probably eager to know a little more about what lies in store. Time to meet the first of our #WooConf speakers!

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Over the course of 48 hours no less than 18 speakers will be addressing our delegates and sharing their knowledge, best practice, insights on and considerable experience with WooCommerce.

Mark Forrester | State Of The Woo

knkhanBPWho best to kick things off than our big cheese and co-founder. Mark will be giving everyone in attendance a picture of where we’re at with WooCommerce including an intro as to how WooCommerce was born; the journey up until now; our team; opportunities for 3rd party development; how to get involved and what to expect in the near future.

“I’m proudly located in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. With a background in digital design I now spend most my time managing the Woo machine and all the exciting projects we have undergo. I’m also a keen photographer, new dad and avid sports fan.”

Brennan Dunn | Quick Wins To Make Your Store More Valuable

06c6fcf31eca8e953379f42c40299371Mr Dunne is an author, teacher, startup founder, podcast host, and newsletter junkie. He’s written two books, “Double Your Freelancing Rate” and “Sell Yourself Online: The Blueprint”, which have helped thousands make more money and get more clients. Brennan teaches the Consultancy Masterclass workshop and hosts a weekly newsletter read by over 16,000 freelancers and is also the founder of Planscope, a project management tool for freelancers and small teams. 

In a past life, he quit his full-time job as the CTO of a large agency and went out on his own. Within a few years, he had scaled up his consulting company to 11 full-time employees with an international portfolio of clients. He has since stopped running the company to focus on Planscope and his other products. 

Do you own an online store, or help others setup their ecommerce sites? If so, join me to find out how to make your sites more valuable for you and your clients. We’ll cover a few ways that you can measure, test, and analyze the experience that visitors and buyers have on your site with one goal in mind: increasing revenue. Topics will include ways to get more transactions, increasing the average transaction size, and using retargeting/lifecycle emails to increase repeat sales.”

Cyndie Shaffstall | Buy Now! Buy More! Buy Again!

8595bb28db8919422007313e5f82a1ceCyndie is the founder of Spider Trainers and a successful entrepreneur, author, marketer, marketing-data analyst, and business manager. For more than 30 years she has been part of the sales funnel — as a software distributor, self-published author, training consultant, and now marketer — focused on converting prospects to customers. Having authored more than a dozen books, ebooks, videos and hundred of articles, Cyndie often speaks and writes on the topic of using marketing automation to help businesses collect and act upon meaningful marketing data.

Her offering for #WooConf will look at how to use automated campaigns to lower shopping-cart abandonment, increase order size, and foster loyalty. You’ll learn how to to build a better WooCommerce shopping experience through the use of personalized automated marketing, both online and offline, covering topics like defining personas; developing lead scoring rules; when to use squeeze pages, landing pages, and micro sites; when to use and how to use drip campaigns and nurture campaigns and more.

Sounds good right? And that’s just the first three.

Get thyself to WooCommerce Conference to learn all there is to know about using WooCommerce from industry experts. Just 60 tickets left, buy one now.

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  1. Hi, i’m from Mexico, i just knew about your wooconf, i’m checking the possibility to go with you, i’m a begginer wp blog master but i really want to know more about woo commerce and internet sales.

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