Meet The Speakers: Joshua, David, Kandace

You’ve met the first three speakers for #WooConf and now it’s time to shed some light on the next three who will be dazzling us with their WordPress and WooCommerce knowledge between tea and lunch. Ready? Bet you are.

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Joshua Eichorn | Scaling WooCommerce


Scaling WordPress has been historically been a story of caching, WooCommerce breaks out of that mold and is labeled as hard to scale as a result. We will look at what it takes to scale WooCommerce, including: database and web server sizing, benchmarking, monitoring and caching. The talk will also cover template design and how it can have a huge performance impact.

Joshua is CTO of Pagely and spends his day building and scaling their WordPress Platform. His career has been focused on PHP. He has lead engineering teams at StumbleUpon, scaling the platform though millions of users of growth. He has been involved in the Open Source community as well, writing PhpDocumentor and helping to run the PEAR project for many years.

David de Boer | Improve WooComm Sales Without UX Testing

2eec16058e10cd6c5027d60c85d49626“Most small and medium businesses that use WooCommerce do not have the resources to do UX testing. So unfortunately they don’t structurally improve the user experience of their online store at all… Luckily, the most effective user experience improvements have been thoroughly tested already and only need to be implemented by a savvy WooCommerce user such as yourself.

In this talk I explain the top 10 changes you should consider making to any Woocommerce store to improve sales based on testing done by the largest and most experienced retailers on the planet!”

David de Boer has worked in web and software development since 2003 and has witnessed the rise of different eCommerce platforms, including osCommerce, Magento, Virtuemart and now… WooCommerce!

He is most known in the Netherlands for his experience with payment systems, specifically iDEAL, the number one Dutch payment method with 550 million transactions. David is now working on, a solid integration of advanced iDEAL accounts into WooCommerce.

Kandace Brigleb | How Participant Observation Makes For Killer Web Design

fdaa2abead647809a27d8e53f03536f5Learn about how an anthropological perspective can help you get to the heart of client stories and craft websites with their own personality and culture.”

Kandace Brigleb is a Principal at Needmore Designs in Portland, Oregon. She fuses formal training in Anthropology with over a decade of web project management. She is co-producer of The Job, a podcast unearthing Portland culture, one interview at a time.

After such a great line up, you might not even be hungry. Or maybe you will be ravenous. Either way, it’s going to be a good 90 minutes of knowledge sharing.

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